Sacred Groves – Hindustani Classical Music duo Kees van Boxtel & Joel Veena

Feel the inspiration and emotion of ragas performed to sooth and strengthen the modern mind

Through Hindustani classical ragas played on the bansuri (bamboo flute) and 20-stringed Indian slide guitar, Kees & Joel create healing spaces where we can reconnect with each other and our planet. The music aims to benefit all those who listen through a powerful combination of calm, focusing introductions and exhilarating finales. Having received direct training in the oral tradition of Indian classical music from their teachers in India, including sarod maestro Pt. Alok Lahiri, Sacred Groves bring dynamic fresh energy to a profound tradition.

Sacred Groves have released 3 albums to date with concerts tours that have taken them across India and Europe. During 2020, their live-streaming concert series ‘Peace at Home’ reached thousands of listeners offering comfort and entertainment during trying times. These days, their music garners ~2000 monthly listeners on streaming platforms.

Dedicated supporters of Indian classical music, Kees & Joel’s performances have been noted for their welcoming and explanatory quality; passionately opening a door for new audiences while remaining true to their traditional training.

January 2020, Mystic Bamboo Baithak, Pune, INDIA
Together with Guruji Pandit Alok Lahiri